Thank You for interest in purchasing Loose Diamonds at Wholesale. We currently offer the following Loose Diamonds in Round & Fancy Shapes:

  • White Diamonds (0.01-10.00 carats)
  • Natural Yellow Diamonds (0.01-10.00 carats)
  • Natural Brown Diamonds (0.01-10.00 carats)
  • Natural Pink Diamonds (0.01-0.05 carats)
  • Irradiated Blue Diamonds (0.01-5.00 carats)
  • Irradiated Green Diamonds (0.01-5.00 carats)
  • Irradiated Yellow Diamonds (0.01-5.00 carats)
  • Treated Black Diamonds (0.01-20.00 carats)

Certified GIA, AGS, IGI, SGL, & EGL USA Stones Available. Please contact us at (212) 730-7255 to know more.

* Pricelists are password protected. You may contact if you have not received the password upon registration. 



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